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Anti Bacterial

NawKote-PC protects the building materia from bacteria!

NawKote-PC kills contagious bacteria and viruses.
Would you like to keep spaces safer and cleaner without the use of toxic chemicals?

  • Oxidation technology built in to NawKote-PC helps decompose and break down viruses and bacteria through chemical reactions.
  • Molds, bacteria, and viruses that may otherwise be harmful are rendered inert. Illness and infection risk, as well as related costs, are reduced with NawKote-PC. NawKote-PC is applicable in both workplace and home environments.
  • Photocatalyst coatings are applied in various ways from personal protective equipment like medical face masks to day care facilities. These coatings infiltrate and disinfect the airborne viruses.
  • Photocatalyst coatings destroy infectious bacteria and viruses by rupturing their membranes.
  • Photocatalytic technology has been proven in a Kitasato Research center study to reduce influenza virus infection rates by 55% in 30 minutes and 99.975% in 8 hours.

Use NawKote-PC Outdoors

Use NawKote-PC Indoors


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