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NawKote-PC adds Anti-Fungal properties to your building!

NawKote-PC kills mold and fungi, even in unlit areas. Do you want to prevent potentially harmful fungal molds from growing on your building?

Mold, fungi, and mildew can radically transform the exterior of your building. These growths are more than harmful to building aesthetics. Buildup of such growths will often lead to a reduction of the overall air quality of a location and can pose a health hazard to everyone breathing near spore growth.

NawKote-PC prevents the spread of mold spores without changing the appearance of your surface. NawKote-PC eliminates colonization on your surfaces and ensures allergens and toxins generated by fungi stay far away from your buildings. NawKote-PC is based on highly-tested technology and can ensure mold stays away for years to come. 


Use NawKote-PC Outdoors

Use NawKote-PC Indoors


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