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NawKote-PC adds deodorizing attributes to the building material!​

NawKote-PC eliminates odors.
Would you like to deodorize your room without unsafe chemicals?

  • Applying NawKote-PC to surfaces that are lit by daylight, LED or fluorescent light safely eliminates poor-smelling, potent odors.
  • NawKote-PC doesn’t just cover up smells, it destroys bad odors through decomposition.

As a natural deodorizer, NawKote-PC gives all of the benefits of an air purifier or spray without any of the cost, noise, or smell! NawKote-PC’s deodorizing qualities are perfect for indoor applications where sanitation and well-being remain a priority.

Use NawKote-PC Outdoors

Use NawKote-PC Indoors


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