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Reduced Costs

NawKote-PC reduces maintenance costs!

NawKote-PC cuts down on maintenance costs. Are you looking to save money in building maintenance?

·       NawKote-PC can help cut your maintenance costs by as much as 65%. Whereas a building without NawKote-PC may need to be cleaned six times over a 10-year period, the same building with NawKote-PC only needs to be cleaned twice in 10 years according to case studies from Japan.

·       Regardless of the time and financial savings, you’ll drastically reduce your need for harmful cleaning products for your building(s)!

·       NawKote-PC also improves your surface’s lifetime while saving you time and money on cleaning. Materials like concrete and glass are cleansed of dirt particles by water forming on the surface, and as a result will stay looking newer for longer!


Use NawKote-PC Outdoors

Use NawKote-PC Indoors


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