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Well Being and Health

NawKote-PC improves wellbeing & health!

NawKote-PC improves building wellness using light energy to fuel a process of disinfection. Do you want to improve well-being within your building?

  •  Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, can infect indoor environments. With NawKote-PC, you can eliminate these compounds.
  • Many buildings suffer from SBS, or sick building syndrome, where health complaints and discomfort are abnormally common among occupants with no root illness or cause able to be detected. Indoor air quality can be improved by as much as 95% using NawKote-PC.

Self-cleaning surfaces can yield powerful results in indoor locations such as hospitals or schools, and anywhere efficiency and sanitization remain a top priority.

Use NawKote-PC Outdoors

Use NawKote-PC Indoors


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